City of Annapolis, Maryland (MD) Parking Guide

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Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Program


Residential Parking Permits allow Annapolis residents to park their vehicles on-street in one of the five (5) designated Special Parking Districts where they reside (See Map). The program is governed by the Annapolis City Code of Ordinances Chapter 12.32– Special Residential Parking Districts.

The purpose of the City’s Resident Parking regulation is to maximize the availability of parking for Annapolis residents while discouraging long-term parking on residential streets near or within commercially zones areas.

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All permit holders must provide required documentation with each new annual permit. Please click the + symbol below for more on this section under “What Documentation is Required.”

Stickers will be mailed to those purchasing online and are available in the office for those who purchase their permit in person.

For further assistance please contact Premium Parking at 410.216.5620 or

For further assistance please contact Annapolis Parking at 443.648.3087 or

A City of Annapolis resident is ONLY eligible for a resident permit when the residents’ address is located on one of the streets listed within one of the five (5) Special Residential Parking Districts (See Map). Please note that residency criteria for the purpose of obtaining parking tickets has changed in accordance with City Ordinance O-4-19 enacted by the City Council on April 29, 2019.

Except for areas designated as metered, reserved, no parking zones, handicap parking or any other restricted parking; a valid resident permit authorizes a resident of that district to park all day on the designated streets within that special district.

All outstanding parking tickets registered to you must be paid in full prior to purchasing or renewing any of the resident permits available.

Special Residential Parking District – Permit Parking Fees
Purchased in:JulAugSeptOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJun
Months Remaining:121110090807060504030201
Districts 1 & 2
Without off-street parking
First Vehicle:$55$50$46$41$37$32$28$23$18$14$9$5
Second Vehicle:$75$69$63$56$50$44$38$31$25$19$13$6
Third+ Vehicles:$100$92$83$75$67$58$50$42$33$25$17$8
With off-street parking
First Vehicle:$75$69$63$56$50$44$38$31$25$19$13$6
Second+ Vehicles:$100$92$83$75$67$58$50$42$33$25$17$8
Districts 3, 4 & 5
Each Vehicle:$55$50$46$41$37$32$28$23$18$14$9$5

Download Special Residential Permit Parking Fees

Fee Notes

  1. One or more days in a month is considered the entire month.
  2. Fee paid is for the remainder of the permit year (Valid thru June 30th).
  3. Fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

By completing one of the applications utilizing one of the links above, a personal account will be created that will allow the permit holder to make profile changes, updates and purchases.

Residents of the City of Annapolis are eligible to purchase residential parking permits for the zoned district in which they reside. Proof of residency is required as directed in City Ordinance No. 12.32.090 (Resident Status) and has been updated to comply with City Ordinance O-4-19 enacted by the City Council April 29, 2019. Documents should be uploaded to your record in the Residential Permit System. Please follow the prompts. If you cannot scan and attach documentation, a picture from your phone can be attached. In all cases, vehicle registration is required.

To meet new residency criteria, Ordinance O-4-19 states residency is established by meeting the criteria of any of the enumerated items:

  1. A current vehicle registration and current Driver’s License.
  2. Proof of ownership of a property in a special parking district and the property is designated as the owner’s principal residence with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation.
  3. Applicant is a lessee of a residential property located in a special parking district that is licensed as a rental unit.
  4. Applicant is on active military status and resides in parking district as reflected in documents issued by United States military authorities.
  5. If you are not the registered owner but have permission to operate the vehicle you are required to complete the Certification of Possession Form form and include the required documentation.
  6. Payment in full is due at the time of purchase. Please refer to the rate chart below based on District, number of vehicles, off-street parking availability (i.e., driveway, garage, parking space). Permits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Residents with driver’s licenses and/or vehicle registrations that do NOT reflect their current parking district must also present one of the following documents as proof of residency by district:

  1. Property owners: Maryland Department of Assessments or Taxation DESIGNATING THE PROPERTY AS THE OWNER’S PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE. Link to SDAT
  2. Lessee: Copy of current* signed lease, and A COPY OF THE CURRENT RENTAL UNIT LICENSE, AND EVIDENCE OF OCCUPANCY THAT IS ACCEPTABLE TO THE CITY. If the lease expires prior to July 2019, the parking permit will also expire.
  3. Military: Copies of official U.S . Military Services documents reflecting residency in the parking district in which you are applying. The parking permit will expire when the lease expires.

Ordinance O-4-19, enacted by the City Council on April 29, 2019, creates a new category of permits called Nonresident Parking Permits. These permits are for residents who own property in a special parking district but that property is not their primary place of residence.

Use of this permit shall be limited to the period of time the owner occupies the residence. Applicants shall submit proof of property ownership and a driver’s license and vehicle registration in the property owner’s name or a vehicle rental contract in the property owner’s name, and indicate the period of occupancy.

All annual permits expire each year on June 30th. Permit renewals begin June 1st.

All temporary permits expire as noted on the permit.

Once you complete the purchase of a new Annual Parking Permit, a web account will be created. You will receive an email to your supplied email address with your new password. Please check your SPAM folder for this email and allow future emails from this address.

If you can’t find this email, simply click the Login To Existing Account button and click the Forgot Your Password link. A new password will be sent to your designated email address. Please be sure to use the same email address that was used during your permit purchase.

Applicants who meet the residency criteria set forth above may obtain temporary parking permits. These permits are limited to 10 per month per residence, and the permits expire at the end of the month they were issued. The date must be written on the permit in ink and they are valid for single day use only.

Additionally, each residence may obtain up to 25 temporary permits per fiscal year to be used at will, and the additional permits expire at the end of the fiscal year in which they were issued.

Once you complete the purchase of a new Annual Parking Permit, you can log back into your account to purchase additional Annual Permits for additional vehicles.