City of Annapolis, Maryland (MD) Parking Guide

Hours: Monday — Friday, 8 AM — 4 PM

Complimentary Parking Validations for City Residents



The City of Annapolis is excited to offer City residents COMPLIMENTARY PARKING VALIDATIONS for up to two hours per day at one of our four parking garages in downtown Annapolis:

  • Hillman Garage
  • Knighton Garage
  • Gott’s Court Garage
  • Park Place Garage

To receive a monthly allocation of temporary two-hour vouchers, please visit the Annapolis Parking office, located at 60 West Street, Suite 106 or the Hillman Garage on weekends and after 4pm on weekdays. Residents will be asked to complete an application, and must show a valid driver’s license with a current Annapolis address. This information will be cross-checked with the current registration list. The vouchers will be valid through the end of the year.

To receive a validation for the Park Place garage, please visit the cashier booth located on P1, between the hours of 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week. You can call the garage at 410.295.1556 with questions.